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- Education is the key -

Education is the key to success 

Steven Eppler is a hairdresser with passion and always committed to beauty, while being humble and discreet.




His claim to the perfect hairstyle and competent treatment for every hair type is as individual as his clientele: young, old, famous, unknown, female, male and or just plain normal.




Eppler was born in Albstadt-Ebingen in Swabia. Already at the age of 13 he was allowed to do a few trial days with Grandseigneur Sigi Riedel & Partner . And this is exactly where he was supposed to complete his apprenticeship as a hairdresser and personally learned the trade from scratch from Mr. Riedel: cutting, blow-drying, sticking, hairdressing - according to all the rules of hair art. In this area, hairdressing and working for the Reutlingen hairdressers' guild was also successfully done and worked on.


In November 2007, after completing his training, Eppler rose to become a partner and manager of Riedel Hair Club on the promenade Wilhelmstrasse in Reutlingen.


Two years later he took over the position as operations manager and head of personnel at Cut & Color Team Reutlingen.


In 2012, the ambitious and inquisitive hairdresser visited the Zieger master school in Constance to crown his skills at the world champions Christin and Natalie Ziger , which German master schools have to offer.


Eppler moved to Gran Canaria in 2013 in search of new inspiration. A year later, he opened his own salon with a view of the sea in the CC San Agustín: Steven Eppler Trust in Beauty


His skills and competence prevailed and his success proved him right. After a very short time, Eppler is happy about booked appointments and many regular customers.


In 2016 he was awarded the Intercoiffure Mondial title from Paris . Eppler is thus the southernmost member of Europe and the only one with this distinction on the Canary Islands who is highest standards and quality. Of course, this requires constant participation in international seminars and training visits. There are only 3,500 members worldwide.


In Gran Canaria, Eppler also hairdresses, events and fashion shows for the VIVA Canarias magazine located here.


Viva Canarias No. 66 dated November 21, 2014



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